Beer Bottle Labels

2019-07-17 14:38:42
Beer Bottle Labels

Make your own beer bottle labels – 4 steps from design to print

With micro-breweries popping up in droves and household name brands cashing in on the latest craft and own label beer, see how labels can help to make your product stand out.

How to print your own beer bottle labels in 4 easy steps:

      • Design an attention-grabbing label - show off what your brand is about.
      • Find a printer - Either a find a company to create the labels or buy your own printer.
      • Get the right label material – What do you want to say about your brand, simple paper labels let the taste of the beer sell itself or how about metallic labels for an edgy, mordern feel.
      • Stick it on the bottle - You can apply by hand or opt for full or semi-automatic applicators for a clean application.


Designing your beer bottle labels

You’ve got your brand and your brew, now its time to label the bottle. You want your brand showcased and the customer to have a reason to grab your product. Where to start? If you have a graphic designer have them draw up some ideas. If you don’t have access to a GD or anyone proficient with design software why not try designing the label yourself in a free graphics or labelling software. There are also plenty of label and design generators out there to run a few ideas through.

Printing the labels

The easiest way to get your designs on the bottle is to have them professionally printed by a label supplier. If you need high volumes of limited designs, having labels pre-printed by a supplier is the most cost effective way to produce your labels. This sometimes is not the best option though, if you require lower volumes over many different designs you may want to consider either partially or fully printing your labels in house. We would recommend a thermal transfer printer if you only need to print variable information such as ingredients, batch and best before dates or a full colour label printer if you would like to have total control over the design and label batch volumes.

Paper beer labels – why label material matters

The material used for your beer labels can say so much about your band and product. The winner of the UK Packaging Awards 2019 featured beer bottle labels. Fallen Acorn Brewery paired a modern metallic print, paper labels and old timey font perfectly blending classic and innovative style. The bottles look outstanding, who wouldn’t want to grab one! The label tells you right away to expect a classic taste brewed with passion. Most beer labels are printed on a standard paper label, its inexpensive and gives a homebrewed feel.  There are so many other options to help your brand standout. Once you’ve decided on your print method, we can help you figure out which one will work for your budget and ideas. In house printers offer you the chance you play around with your designs and print on demand samples and labels for small batch runs. They are usually applied after the bottle has been cleaned or filled. Another side to ensuring you have the correct label material is a small issue within brewery labels where the labels can peel from the bottle. This can be caused by the label being applied pre-cleaning, on the bottles have been steam cleaned and then filled the extreme temperature changes pushes the labels from the bottles, this is easily resolved with a special backed label. Make sure you take into account the life cycle of the labels once applied, the last thing a customer wants is a peeling or unlabelled bottle.

Beer bottle label application

Your ready to label and ship your product, now its time to think about application processes. Larger breweries may already have a fully automatic bottle line including a label applicator. Labels can be supplied on the roll suited for this if bought pre-printed, there are also rewind units made to re-roll the labels after inhouse printing. Smaller breweries and start-ups may want to consider if the labels will be hand applied or for a professional finish you can use a semi-automatic applicator. The semi-automatic applicators are small desktop machines, the work is still manual but the machine will alignment and apply the label perfectly, giving a professional finish with no wastage.


In a recent blog we asked the coffee industry to think outside the box with what you can achieve with labels. Think social media campaigns, occasion and holiday quick relabels and personalised bottles. We have one of our customers set up with a colour label printer at the end of their brewery tour, after seeing how the beer is made visitors have the option to take a photo and have a custom bottle presented instantly. This is very popular with birthday trips and stag dos. Personalised beer bottle labels have proven to boost sales and you can increase your margin for customised bottles.

If you would like some advice about getting started on your labelling journey or your already experienced and want to review new print ideas or label options, please get in touch with our specialists on 0800 085 8850 or We would like to hear from you and see how we can help.