Coffee Label Printer – Why you need one!

2019-07-08 10:23:37
Coffee Label Printer – Why you need one!

The journey from coffee seed to cup takes long enough, why wait for your labels to be printed and delivered?


The quick answer as to why you need an in-house label printer? On-demand printing, low cost labels, completely eliminate wastage from unused pre-printed labels and reduce large scale order production time. Here are some other reasons to consider investing in a label printer, our experts have put together some ideas you may not have thought about.


New flavours and blends – After working hard for months, or even longer if you’re a perfectionist, you finally have your new flavour ready to share with your customers. With an in-house label printer, you can easily produce a prototype in low volumes to sample out to select coffee connoisseurs or test-market with your customers before starting a full production run of the product.

Occasion, seasonal and holiday labels – You’re busy working on your summer blend then suddenly it’s autumn and there isn’t enough time to get your Halloween blend labels signed off, printed and delivered! Consumers love occasion-based products and coffee is a great gift idea that also markets incredibly well. Ensure you don’t miss a chance to increase your sales because you’re waiting on a label delivery.

Printing batch numbers and roast dates – How do you currently print your batch and expiry dates? Most people buy in their pre-printed labels to over print with a thermal label printer. How about printing both at the same time, saves time and money and you don’t have to worry about running out of a certain design or stock management issues caused by minimum label design orders.

Personalised for customers – Increase your profit margin on your standard blend by offering personalised packaging.

Social Media – Influencers can massively affect sales but they can charge anywhere from £500 - £2,000! Bigelow Tea recently burst into the craft coffee and tea scene prompted by paid sponsorships with bloggers. So how does having a label printer relate to this? Why not tap into your customers social media influence, most people enjoy posting about their latest purchase especially if it’s food or drink related. We’ve all seen people having a photo shoot with their Starbucks coffee before actually drinking it. How about including a spare label in your shipments with the customer’s name and your logo and offering a discount if they upload a photo to Instagram. We have customers who currently continue to buy in pre-printed labels due to massive volumes, but invested in a small colour label printer for marketing and promotional packaging. There are many fun ideas to explore with social media marketing and having an in-house label printer you have the freedom to test what works for you.


Bringing your label printing in-house maybe simpler than you think, we have our printer specialists available to offer a free phone consultation to talk through your requirements and recommend the best printer and label combination. Our colour label printers are most popular choice for our customers in the coffee industry. We can also make your label design and set-up easier as most label printer manufacturers offer a free label design software package with the printer. If you already have your logo and label designs and don’t like the idea of spending hours redesigning and setting sizes up within label software, our colour printers are compatible with most graphic design packages such as Photoshop and CorelDraw etc.

For more complex labelling requirements, and if you would like access to the following features with free coffee label templates which are fully editable and easy to use, we suggest using a specialised label design software such as BarTender:

      • Custom ingredient listing, changes automatically with your blends and is formatted to meet EU allergen regulations (No. 1169)
      • Captures a full audit trial in the event of an inspection or recall.
      • Link to your ERP, WMS, weigh scales or ingredient and customer database.


Would you like more information about coffee product labelling or to discuss printer options? Please don’t hesitate to call our expert team on 0800 085 8850 or email us at