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In these extremely challenging and difficult times we would just like to update you on our current operating status. Within our existing customer base, we serve a number of critical sectors such as the NHS, Pharma, Bioscience, Medical, Food and Logistics. We are already operating with a number of our customer service, technical support, administration and sales staff successfully deployed to home working, while all other staff directly involved with manufacturing, packing, distribution, transport and supply chain continue to work as normal but in strict accordance with all the current recommended Government social distancing and hygiene guidelines.

This is enabling us to continue to serve all our valued existing and new customers but with priority being given to those operating within certain critical industries.

In summary we are operating as normal and our manufacturing, packing, distribution, transport, supply chain and customer service infrastructures are holding up well.

If we can help in anyway please do not hesitate to contact us as normal on 0800 085 8850 or or place orders directly via our website. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued business and support.

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Durable Colour Label Printer Solutions

2020-03-06 14:24:04
Durable Colour Label Printer Solutions

 Pigment and Watershield ink explained

With the release of the new Afinia L801 Plus we thought it was a good time to review our durable ink, colour printer range. Let’s start with Afinia and their newly developed Watershield ink. The new ink formula has been in the making for the past few years, Afinia had been working on a longer lasting and more robust ink for their bestselling L801 printer. The L801 is known for it’s impressive print quality and low running costs, now with an improved formula for those applications where dye ink just doesn’t cut it, the release of the Watershield ink has been highly anticipated.

 So what is dye ink and how does Watershield differ?

 Standard dye based ink is the most commonly used as it gives the most vibrant colour, it uses various dyes that are dissolved in liquid which is then absorbed into the label tinting it the desired colour. As the ink is absorbed into the paper it can give a greater depth of colour and a better range. As dyes are able to be spread over a larger print area, it is the most cost effective ink option. Now for applications where dye inks don’t quite work but you still want the colour vibrancy and low ink costs for such requirements as e-liquid bottles, perfumes, shampoos, candles and a host of others, the Afinia L801 Plus would be the perfect fit. Watershield ink offers enhanced water resistance, neutral black chroma meaning the black and grey shades are truer tones and have less colour tint and a safe chemical composition to standard dye inks. The ink is free from phthalate esters, BPA, HAPs, SVHCs, heavy metals and aromatic amines making it the one of the most eco-friendly options available.

 What if you need an ink that is much more hardwearing?

 This is when the Epson range with their Pigment inks are the perfect solution. Pigment inks are made of solid opaque pigment particles held together in crystalline arrangements. Pigment inks are more stable than dye based ones, are last much longer when exposed to water and chemical substances and UV light. They are not completely water soluble meaning they are less prone to bleeding and smearing. Ideal for GHS and BS5609 compliancy applications and a host of others, we highly recommend pigment or Watershield ink options. Pigment inks do tend not to be as bright as dye based inks and tend to cost slightly more. Our go-to printers for ultra durable print requirements would be the Epson Colourworks range. Epson offer two pigment ink formulas DURABrite Ultra for use with matt media where rugged print is needed and UltraChrome DL for gloss finish media which combines print quality and durability.

If you are thinking of upgrading your labels to withstand harsher environments, would like to enhance print quality and lower your ink costs or are just starting out and would like some advice please call our colour printer specialists team now on 0800 085 8850 or email