Print Your Own Event Tags & Passes

2019-08-14 15:53:00
Print Your Own Event Tags & Passes

Find out how we can help with custom on demand event tag printing

There are 4 main solutions we can provide for custom event tags, and we can also offer free preliminary consultations on larger projects that may require bulk discounts or custom software and hardware set-ups.

Full colour on demand printing

Many event companies will print custom event logos and information. These designs can be subject to change every show or on a customer whim. If you use blank tag stock and a colour printer you can provide instant proofs for customers and change the design avoiding any plate / artwork changes and waiting for a quotation on the updated design. With this method of printing you can reduce costs by bulk buying the tag stock, as its blank you won’t have excess stock of tags you can’t use.  Our go to printer for full colour event tags would be the Epson C3500 printer as it’s low cost, small footprint, easy to use and cheap to run.

Pre-printed DT (direct thermal) on demand printing

This method of printing  is currently the most popular one. Companies would invest in a small DT (direct thermal / heat activated) printer if they don’t currently have one, and we would supply the tags pre-printed with your design or artwork. You will then over print any variable information needed, this can only be printed in black as the print comes from a chemical reaction from the tag. This solution provides you with a professional high quality printed tag, and still gives you the on demand printing benefit. We have a range of popular printer choices for this application and our helpful team will happily talk you through which printer and tag layout would work best for you.

Fully printed, pre-event supplied tags

If you are purchasing event tags in low volumes and have all of your attendee information before the event, we can offer a fully printed solution so you don’t need to invest in a printer. Our lead-times on this are 7 – 14 working days from payment and proof approval, so orders must be placed in advance of the event. If you have no variable information this is also a great solution for larger tag projects.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags

A new feature to event tagging but one that’s proving very fashionable is RFID tags. Some of the largest event management companies RFID chip their tags offering real time view of how many guests are at their events and to keep track of VIP and exclusive area permitted guests. Some larger software company event tags are RFID chipped to enable “touch to log on” features and to track which stands and products are most viewed and interacted with. We can offer the RFID tags on any of the above solutions. We have currently customers using the Epson C3500 printer with an RFID  coder attachment to print custom tags and code on demand at events, either by an operator or as part of a standalone kiosk set-up.

If you would like more information on any of the solutions mentioned above, custom tag supplies or printers please don’t hesitate to contact our specialists on 0800 085 8850 or