Memjet Label Printers - all you need to know

2019-02-05 09:39:53
Memjet Label Printers - all you need to know

Memjet Technology Explained – Detailed Guide to Memjet Printing

Up until the end of 2017 Memjet technology meant the excellent Versapass printhead, which utilises five independent ink channels, each made up of a two linear nozzle array that delivers a comprehensive 1600 npi (nozzles per inch) for excellent coverage and depth of ink colour. The Versapass printhead is fixed for optimum performance as well as reduced noise, vibration, and potential faults. The 222.8mm wide printhead also allows for single-pass printing on A4 and letter-sized papers, and multiple printheads can be configured together to enable single-pass printing on wide-format media. There’s a choice of two excellent software and electronic packages – an economical SOC package for single printhead set ups, and a second package that enables higher speeds and more complex print requirements and set ups. Versapass printheads use four specially formulated dye inks that combine with the Memjet printhead for outstanding results (think tight and controlled drop formation with inks that penetrate and dry in milliseconds) and are suitable for 640 qualified plain, matte and glossy media from 70 suppliers.

But Memjet are known for their innovation and in October 2017 they unveiled the fruits of their research and development department’s latest advance which aimed to bring quality, affordability, and speed to high-volume print technology.  Combining lifelong printheads, pigment inks that took five years to perfect, and flexible modules, Memjet’s DuraLink platform is a really smart, adaptable, and affordable print solution for those printing in the high-volume, packaging, and industrial print sectors. The DuraLink printhead retains the single-pass width of the Versapass model and manages to pack in over 70,000 nozzles. The durability of the printhead is hugely enhanced when it is used in conjunction with the specially designed Memjet aqueous pigment inks, and the print results are off the scale – as you’d expect from a printhead with five nozzle redundancy and one billion ejections per nozzle per colour.  The high performance controller chip creates a datapath superhighway that ensures fast and accurate printing. And when we say fast we mean print-speeds-of-up-to-203.6-metres-per-second fast.  The modular design of Memjet’s DuraLink print solution means that it’s possible to develop a print bar or print engine subsystem that perfectly addresses your print requirements with minimum effort.     

If a Memjet print solution sounds like a great fit for your next label printer purchase head over to our range of Afinia label printers which use Memjet technology and inks. High quality labels and tags are the last crucial step in ensuring superb print results, and we stock a huge range of labels and tags that are fully compatible with all Memjet powered label printers including printers by Afinia, New Solutions, Formax, VIPColor, Colordyne, Neopost, IPT Digital, Printing Innovation, DLP, Astro, Formax, Trojan and Dumax. Our competitively priced standard and custom made labels can be bought in bulk for excellent discounts, and delivered straight to your door with no fuss.    

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