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Wash Care & Clothing Labels - Print Your Own

2020-01-07 16:15:22
Wash Care & Clothing Labels - Print Your Own

Everything you need to start printing custom clothing labels and tags


So you need to print labels for clothing, ribbons, furniture or even fabric labels for a handmade feel to your product packaging? Where do you start? Let’s review some common applications and I’ll tell you what our recommendation would be.

Laundry & Textile Care

A common requirement for the laundry industry would be commercial wash tracking for items such as bedding linens, towels, uniforms and domestic laundry. How do you keep track of which batch came from which client? How about using the Epson C3500 to print colour block or custom logo tags to apply for wash cycles to ensure each item is washed and returned to the correct client. The Epson C3500 is perfect for quick, easy and on demand colours. It’s a low cost easy to use solution. Not to leave you with just the hardware, we have a range of tried and tested wash care inkjet materials so you can print anything from sew in to heat-seal garment labels.

Hotel & Hospitality

Printing a custom label that can withstand a commercial wash no longer needs to be left with an outsourced printing company, although we can still pre-print labels for you if you need help! For time and cost purposes a lot of our clients within the hospitality industry are switching to an in-house solution. A popular requirement is an ID label or tag for higher value products such as dressing gowns, bedding linens, staff uniforms (usually cleaning and catering staff) and towels. If you’re interested a full colour option see the above application. Usually a standard mono-colour solution is adequate, printing professional looking, high quality and low cost labels is easily done with the Zebra ZD410 for lower volumes and for larger printers the ZT410 is ideal. As with the colour option we offer a variety of materials and wash resistant ink (thermal ribbon). Custom labels offer a high class feel and help avoid any mix-ups during cleaning.

Hospital & Health Care Services

A recent requirement that has emerged for hospital garments is an RFID cotton tag to be stitched into patient gowns for tracking garments and patients and a quick way to check patient details. This application is more complex and it’s best to review options with one of our RFID specialists, we can offer help with just the tags or a total encoding, reading and software solution. The RFID UHF laundry tag is a commonly used product thoroughly tested within care home and hospice environments to give piece of mind to residents and their family, if the clothing is tagged it greatly reduced clothing loss and laundry mix-ups which can be upsetting for some patients and time consuming for staff to deal with. There are options for sew in, heat seal, pouch insertion and closed hidden pocket insertion. The tags can last over 200 wash cycles both domestic and commercial. They have been optimised for dense tag population (stacks of folded items) and for patient comfort they are enclosed within polyester.

We have a some easy to implement “off the shelf” print solutions as explored above, but if you have a larger project or are after a custom solution our label and printer specialists are happy to help. Call or email our team for more information on 0800 085 8850 / info@systemsprintmedia.co.uk