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Z-Slip Packing Slip Solution

2019-05-30 14:11:13
Z-Slip Packing Slip Solution

Want to know how to save time printing and applying packing slips?

Packing slip printing and application can strip you of more than 2,000 hours of employee time each year, this is based on the average time of 40 seconds to print, fold and force the document into the clear packing list envelope. That’s a lot of time and money but packing slips are a necessity to avoid packages being sent to wrong locations, packed boxes being reopened to confirm contents and potential loss during shipment. It is an essential part of your packing but can cause a tailback with the shipping and supply process.

What is our solution to this problem? Zebra Z-Slip is an all in one packing slip, simply print, peel and apply taking any user less than 11 seconds. Available in 2 different sizes, printable areas being 143mm x 127mm and 89mm x 152mm, the packing slip is already encased in the plastic enclosure. Effortlessly load the roll into your thermal printer, print your information, peel the backing and apply.

Z-Slip label features: Direct thermal, paper and polypropylene label combination. Excellent print quality. Unique construction protects printable side from chemical and keeps information secure.

Suggested Applications:

    • Picking and packing slips
    • Personalised gift order notes and information
    • Invoice documents
    • Commercial customs declarations
    • Certificates of conformance
    • Material safety datasheets

If you are currently placing any of the above documents into product box or inside of the packaging it might be time to use an improved packing practice with our Zebra Z-Slip solution.

The Z-Slip label is patented by Zebra, a brand trusted by over 90% of companies and the offers the quality reassurance expected by the market leader in barcode labelling.

If you would like pricing or more information about Z-Slip packing labels, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our label specialists on 0800 085 8850 or email us at info@systemsprintmedia.co.uk