Zebra GK420d Healthcare Desktop Label Printer

Zebra GK420d Healthcare Desktop Label Printer
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Overview of Zebra GK420d Healthcare

The Zebra GC410d Healthcare has been developed specifically for use in a healthcare setting and is one of the best-selling models available. Constructed in specially developed disinfectant-ready plastic, this model uses linerless media to protect patient confidentiality, and a medical-grade power supply that satisfies IEC 60601-1 regulations and further safeguards patient safety. 

An affordable and dependable model, the Zebra GC420d Healthcare will also help you to protect patient safety and confidentiality, both vital in a healthcare setting.

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£ 286.80 (excl. VAT) £239.00

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£ 286.80 (excl. VAT) £239.00

In stock

In Depth: Zebra GK420d Healthcare Desktop Label Printer

The Zebra GC420d Healthcare features some excellent Zebra print technology with some specific features designed to make it suitable for use in the healthcare sector. A disinfectant-ready plastic casing, linerless media roll for patient confidentiality, and a medical grade power supply to prevent the danger of electric shock to patients, make this perfect for a variety of healthcare applications.

Zebra GC420d Healthcare Desktop Label Printer FEATURES

  • Disinfectant-ready plastic casing suitable for healthcare settings
  • Linerless media roll for enhanced patient confidentiality
  • Medical grade IEC 60601-1 regulated power supply for reduced shock risk
  • Innovation OpenACCESS design for fast and easy media loading and easy maintenance
  • 4MB Flash memory and 8MB RAM memory 
  • USB and Ethernet interfaces
  • ZPL and EPL printer languages

The Zebra GC420d Healthcare desktop label printer has been designed for use in a healthcare setting and includes a number of modifications to the general model that enhance both patient safety and patient confidentiality. The sturdy outer casing of the Zebra GC420d Healthcare is constructed using disinfectant-ready plastic, it uses a medical-grade power supply (compliant with IEC 60601-1 general standard for a power supply to a piece of medical equipment), and uses a linerless media roll that creates no copy of the printed material and negates the need for time-consuming and expensive secure disposal of confidential medical information.

As well as some excellent features specific to a healthcare setting, the Zebra GC420d Healthcare desktop printer also features some great print technology from Zebra. This reliable and affordable model features both USB and Ethernet interfaces, and uses both ZPL and EPL printer languages for fast and simple integration with other Zebra printers. It uses a 32-bit processor which means fast throughput times and zippy print speeds. This model also uses Zebra’s OpenACCESS design for easy maintenance and media replenishment.


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