Datamax O'Neil Ex2

Datamax Ex2

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Overview of Datamax O'Neil Ex2

  • Print Type: Desktop Label Printer

  • Printing Width: 104.6 mm

  • Print Speed: 76 mm per second

  • DPI: 203 dpi

The Datamax Ex2 label printer is a really good option for those looking for an affordable, flexible printer that is small in stature but not in power. Easy to use with just a single button, LED screen and auto media-loading tray, the Datamax Ex2 is supported by a powerful punch of memory and processing speeds.

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£ 228.00 (excl. VAT) £190.00

In stock

Datamax O'Neil
£ 228.00 (excl. VAT) £190.00

In stock

In Depth: Datamax O'Neil Ex2

The Datamax Ex2 is supported by a powerful 32-bit processor and comes with 2MB of memory as standard. Triple connectivity (parallel, serial and USB) and a very small footprint with integrated power connection make this a compact and flexible choice of printer. This printer has a specially designed centre-bias, which means it is perfect for those who need to print narrow labels and cant lose space to automatic printer width adjustments. It has also been designed to load 5" media rolls, which reduces media changes and speeds up print jobs. Optional extras for the Datamax Ex2 include an extra 2MB of memory, internal Ethernet and "peel and present" print options. The Datamax Ex2 is a wallet-friendly option that ticks all the boxes!

The Datamax EX2 series has been discontinued and replaced by the Datamax O\'Neil E Class Mark III series, please see our product listings for further details.