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Maintenance Box for Epson ColorWorks C6000

SKU: C33S021501
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Maintenance Box for Epson ColorWorks C6000

Product Code: SJMB6000
Compatible with the Epson C6000

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Unique to Epson Colorworks label printers, the maintenance box captures and holds excess ink purged during printhead cleans. This enables users to perform their own ink tray cleans and avoid the costs and print down time associated with having the traditionally used ink tray cleaned.

If the maintenance box or ink try tray is full, you will see colour issues, lines in the print and other problems caused by over full ink trays and the printhead not being able to purge. Epson Colorworks printers will show a maintenance error message then the box is filled, ensuring you empty it to avoid any printing problems.

How to change the maintenance box:


  • The LCD screen will alert you when the maintenance box needs to be changed.
  •  Please ensure you have a new maintenance box before you being the swap. We keep them in stock for next day delivery if needed, or if you use high volumes of ink, we recommend ordering a maintenance box with your ink cartridges. Always store these items away from direct sunlight.
  •  Do not reuse boxes that have been detached or disconnected for long periods of time.
  •  Remove the box from its packaging, careful not to touch the IC chip.
  •  Turn the printer off and open the maintenance box cover towards you, then pull the maintenance box slowly towards you to remove.
  •  Place the used maintenance box into a plastic bag for clean disposal.
  •  Gently insert the new maintenance box and close the front cover.

If you have any problems during this process or would like the printer manual for detailed instructions, please contact help team on 0844 335 1980 or email us at info@systemsprintmedia.co.uk

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