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Epson C7500 CoverPlus 5 Year On-site Maintenance Contract - In or Out of Warranty

£2,457.00 £2,948.40
Best Endeavour Fix
In or Out of Warranty

Epson C7500 CoverPlus on-site maintenance contract, 5 year, in or out of warranty, engineer on-site within 1-2 working days, best endeavour fix.

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Epson’s C7500 on-site CoverPlus warranty contract aims to have a fully qualified Epson engineer on-site to repair your C7500 printer within 2-days from when the call is registered with Epson’s Customer Interaction Centre (CIC). Epson warranty contracts can only be bought whilst the printer is still covered under the original 12-month warranty or one of the extended warranty packages. If you have already taken out the 3, 4- or 5-year extension, then you can only then extend on an annual basis.

During your call to log the printer fault with Epson CIC, they may decide an on-site repair is unachievable and organise a printer swap out while they repair your printer at their workshop. Epson will take the best actions to ensure any mechanical issues that may arise with your printer are resolved with the least disruption possible.


Limits to the service:

The printer must be within the United Kingdom. Repair or replacement will be refused if, in Epson’s assessment, the failure or problem has happened because of any of the following:

  • If a replacement part has been deemed end of life it will not be replaced as part of this cover.
  • Wear and tear
  • Alteration to the printer, unauthorised or inexpert repair, unauthorised or inexpert attempted repair
  • Misuse of the printer including any use outside of Epson’s specification, extreme or inappropriate use, or use in an adverse or abnormal environment
  • Non-Epson hardware used with the printer


We strongly recommend that any printer used in a operationally critical environment should be covered by an extended warranty. If you are unsure if this is correct cover for you or you have a fault on an out of warranty printer, please get in touch with our colour printer specialists for help 0800 085 8850 / info@systemsprintmedia.co.uk


Maintenance Type:
Maintenance Term:
5 year
In or Out of Warranty
1-2 working days

Our customers love us

1 week ago
Placed order 13 October. Delivered 17 October. Great service.
2 weeks ago
Everything arrived in a timely manner, and they even got in touch to double check I'd ordered the right parts. Good job.
2 weeks ago
I am completely impressed with their professionalism and customer service.The communication and delivery details are always prompt, friendly and concise.
3 weeks ago
Very quick service and the staff are very helpful.
3 weeks ago
All the team at Ardseal are very happy and impressed with the professional and timely responses from SPM in all of our dealings to date, we would highly recommend their input and service!
1 month ago
The staff are very helpful. Delivery was quick.
1 month ago
Great, many thanks
1 month ago
Systems Print Media have proven to be professional, and always happy to help.
1 month ago
For several years our Company has been using Systems Media Print for our labelling needs. Their team is always friendly and helpful and their services are competitively priced. Many thanks to the whole team at Systems Print Media Ltd from W A Truelove & Son Ltd.
1 month ago
When there's so much competition around, it's important to find a company that consistently delivers and goes that extra mile to ensure great customer service and satisfaction - Systems Print Media is one of those companies. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.


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