Laboratory Labelling Solutions

Everything you need in one place from one supplier

High quality printing and labelling solutions are an essential part of the Lab. They are intregal in ensuring samples, research, specimens, chemicals to name just a few are barcoded and easily identifiable. We supply an extensive range of high quality label printers and supplies and work closely with our customers to provide a practical labatory labelling solution. 

Label Printers for the lab

Our range of healthcare and lab printers include Zebra Healthcare desktop label printers, wristband printers, automated tube and microplate labelling print and apply machines. These printers are commonly used in clinical laboratories, hospital collection blood centres and nursing stations.

Keeping up to date with the latest printer technology for labs, we now stock an innovative tube label printer and auto applicator the Godex GTL-100. The Godex printer can hold tubes and vials sized between 13-16mm diameter and 75-100mm in length, the GTL-100 prints the labels and applies automatically to the tube reducing waste and eliminating the risk of mislabelling. 

Label Software for the lab

To bring new systems together or to integrate into existing systems we have medical and laboratory software solutions both off the shelf and custom made. We utilise our software specialists and technicians to pull together BarTender, NiceLabel, custom and client owned software systems with label printers, databases and software.

Labels for the lab

We have an array of specialist label materials available at low cost and fast delivery for the following applications:

  • Lab labels
  • Vial labels
  • 10ml and glass vial labels
  • Cryovial labels
  • Microplates
  • Slides
  • Packing and shipping samples
  • Reports
  • Research
  • RFID labels and tags
  • Direct thermal cryo freeze labels

Our RFID consultants and specialists have years of experience with laboratory RFID systems. From tracking and inventory to security and auto data capture solutions, we are happy to offer consultations for your project. We also offer custom and stock RFID labels and tags for any lab requirement needed.  

Thermal Ribbon for the lab

For extreme durability required for lab labelling, we stock a variety of thermal ribbons. Our resin grade ribbons offer reliable and long lasting print. They can withstand cryo freezing and high temperature cleaning cycles, temperatures ranging from -112°C to 176°C. Common lab chemicals such as Ethanol, Hexane, Xylene, Toulene and others can strip the print from the labels making them unreadable and present scanning issues, our ribbon range have been tested and approved to endure. For general labelling applications such as reports, shipping and other paperwork we recommend using a low cost wax or wax-resin ribbon.

If you would like more information on our laboratory labelling solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact our specialists on 0800 085 8850 or