There is huge focus on businesses making more sustainable purchasing decisions and this definitely includes their labelling and packaging choices. We have highlighted a number of reasons why businesses should evaluate the environmental impact of their current labels.

Social Corporate Responsibility

Businesses have a huge role to play in tackling climate change by reducing the environmental impact of their own practises and products. Businesses can improve the environmental credentials of their labels for example by choosing materials that contain recycled or renewable content or labels that enable reuse, recycling or compostability.

Increasing consumer demand for sustainable options

Sustainable packaging and labels are now a major factor in consumer purchasing decisions, in a recent report by Draper it revealed that 64% of UK consumers are more likely to buy from retailers that provide sustainable packaging. These findings represent a real opportunity for businesses to impact consumer purchasing decisions by offering sustainable packaging and labels.

Legislation and compliance

Globally, labels and packaging legislation is more focussed on sustainability than ever before. Starting with the single use plastic bag legislation in stores we predict further legation on product packaging to come. It’s essential that businesses are aware of legislation that may affect them and remain compliant with their labelling choices.

No need to compromise on quality

In recent years there has been huge developments in a range of sustainable label materials that mirror the quality of existing label solutions. We supply a wide range of high-quality labels with sustainable credentials suitable for direct thermal, thermal transfer and inkjet printing.

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