Eco-friendly and Sustainable Labels

Want to give your customers sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging and product label options?

There are many reasons to switch to using sustainable label materials, from ensuring you meet current and future legislation, to offering customers an environmentally friendly product. Over half of consumers today are leaning towards eco-friendly purchasing options. Differentiate from the competition and offer your customers a unique selling point of eco-friendly packaging. Staying up to date with increasing consumer interest for sustainable, compostable and environmentally friendly products may seem daunting but we do advise that you pick up on this and not overlook the importance of meeting corporate and social responsibly for the environment.

Want to switch to using to eco-friendly labels and not compromise on quality?

Eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean lower quality. Our recycled paper is a similar whiteness and opacity to conventional paper and the same exceptional print quality. We took a different approach with our marble base material to challenge the way eco-friendly recycled labels are viewed. Marble base labels are made from marble mining waste, mixed with a non-toxic recycled plastic and transformed into a printable film which has a waterproof and tear resistant matt finish, paper like soft touch and completely tree, water and bleach free. We have many other high quality material options to suit any requirement such as fully compostable and 100% recycled labels.

Recently we have introduced our Managed Label Print Service (MLSP), qualifying customers can benefit from discounted label prices that include free level 1 + level 2 remote support from our Technical Help Desk and discounted level 3 + level 4 on-site support for all qualifying label printer hardware and associated software. Making to switch to a sustainable and eco-friendly labelling options can be affordable, and our helpful team are on hand to make the process as easy as possible.

Keep your company at the forefront of anticipated legislation.

Starting with the single use plastic bag legislation in stores, we predict further reductions of plastic and non sustainable product packing and labelling starting with the food and beverage industry. Many companies switching to compostable alternatives for their packaging now have the option to include fully biodegradable and sustainable labels that are OK Compost, EN134232, FSC and Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certified.

How does using an eco-friendly, compostable or biodegradable label help the environment?

Using our eco products we can reduce the consumption of bio-based materials up to 59%, this is the equivalent of saving 1.867 trees. We can save annual electricity use of 27 average households with the recycled stock which saves us about 18% more energy and the waste reduction of 16% equal to 21 households annual waste. We have material options that biodegrade to EN 13432 standards, this is a voluntary compliance which aims to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted.

If you are interested in environmentally friendly label solutions, speak to one of our advisors today about our range of low cost, high quality label stock including a plant-based film for hard wearing applications to a fully biodegradable paper label. You can contact our specialist team now on 0800 085 8850 or email