When ordering thermal ribbon for your thermal transfer printer it is really important to choose the correct thermal ribbon grade as the ribbon and material combination will determine the quality and durability of your label. Whilst there are many grades of thermal ribbon available, thermal ribbon typically falls into three categories; 1)Wax 2)Wax-Resin 3)Resin. Here we will discuss the characteristics of each type of formulation to help you determine which one is most suitable for your specific application.


Wax Ribbon

Wax ribbons are the lowest cost and most common ribbon type as they work well for most applications. Out of the three ribbon types, wax print is the least durable. Whilst the print is more durable than direct thermal labels, the print provides little to no resistance to chemicals and abrasion. This ribbon is best used with paper label materials. 


Wax-Resin Ribbon

Wax-resin ribbons offer more durable print than wax ribbons. They are suitable for use in environments with moderate to harsh exposure to chemicals and abrasion. Wax-resin ribbons are best matched to top-coated paper labels and matte synthetic labels. 


Resin Ribbon

Resin ribbons offer the most superior print and durability out of the ribbon types. They are suitable for use in environments with harsh to extreme exposure to chemicals. They are also suitable for use when the labels are required to offer resistance to ultra high temperatures and harsh outdoor environments. Resin thermal ribbons are best used with synthetic labels and some top-coated labels.


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