Mobile label printers offer an effective solution for on demand label printing whilst on the go. They are used across a range of industries including retail, warehousehouse management, manufacturing and transportation. To ensure you choose the right mobile label printer to meet your specific industry requirements, consider the 5 following factors. 

Label durability

Before you purchase a mobile label printer it is important to set an accurate expectation on the durability of the labels a mobile label printer can produce. The vast majority of mobile label printers are only capable of printing direct thermal labels rather than the more durable thermal transfer labels. Direct thermal labels are sensitive to environmental conditions for example when exposed to heat the label darkens which makes the print unreadable consequently they are mainly suitable for applications requiring a short shelf life. 



How mobile does your mobile label printer actually have to be? If your mobile printer is intended to be used in multiple locations daily and worn all day, choosing a lightweight and compact mobile label printer that can be used with accessories such as a belt clip is an important consideration. Contrastingly if your mobile label printer is not intended to be worn all day and will be used at just a few locations mobility and wearability is not as important. 


Label size 

Your label dimensions will help determine the mobile label printer most suitable for your requirements as label printers have varying maximum print label widths. Mobile Label printers typically are available in  2’’,  3’’ or 4’’ models. The larger print width models are not as compact so bear that in mind when choosing your label printer. 


Label printing environment

The environment that your labels are being printed in is an important consideration. If your printer is used out in the field and will be exposed to drops, dirt and outside weather conditions having a rugged mobile printer is essential. There are many rugged mobile label printers designed for this purpose, for example Zebra ZQ500 series can withstand repeated drops to concrete from 2m and are protected from liquid and solid ingress. For mobile label printers used in a healthcare setting there are specially designed mobile label printers such as Zebra’s ZQ600 healthcare series that can withstand constant disinfecting.



There are mobile label printers available to suit a range of budgets and requirements. Often the more expensive the printer the more durable it is and more capable of printing in higher label volumes. For example Zebra’s value mobile label printer range is ideal for lower volumes, their mobile label printer mid range is suitable for moderate volumes and their premium range is suitable for high volume environments with demanding and challenging applications. 


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