The Sato CL4NX Plus printer replaced and advanced upon the Sato CL4NX in 2020. This model has been a popular thermal printer choice for the demanding requirements of retail, supply chain, manufacturing, automotive, food industry and healthcare. We will discuss in this blog the printer's key features. 


The Sato CL4NX Plus has faster print speed capabilities than the Sato CL4NX, it can now print at a maximum print speed of 14 inches per second for the 203dpi and 305dpi versions, contrastingly the older model printed at a maximum print speed of 10 inches per second for the 203dpi version and 8 inches per second for the 305dpi version. 



The Sato CL4NX Plus has a 203dpi, 305dpi and 609dpi version. Unlike the older model the Sato CL4NX Plus comes with a Micro Label Print Mode which is a mode to provide high accuracy printing for small label sizes. This mode is ideal for UID, 2D Codes, PCB, small-item labels and electronic products.



The Sato CL4NX Plus is built for durability in tough industrial environments. It has a die-cast aluminum frame, print and ribbon mechanism. The front panel and side covers are also made from metal casing. 



The Sato CL4NX Plus like its predecessor has an RFID model which supports UHF, HF and NFC printing and encoding. The Sato CL4NX Plus comes with the new Sato RF Analyze function which significantly speeds up initial setup for RFID labels. 



The Sato CL4NX Plus comes as standard with USB, Parallel, Serial, LAN, NFC interfaces. Optional interfaces include WLAN and Bluetooth..



The Sato CL4NX Plus comes standard with a 3.5inch colour LCD screen which alerts errors and shows videos for troubleshooting. Other features that improves usability of this printer includes the ability to plug in a USB to copy or save settings for cloning additional or back up printers. 


Optional features 

Like its predecessor the Sato CL4NX Plus has optional features that includes a guillotine cutter, rotary cutter, dispenser and linerless kit.


If you are interested in purchasing the Sato CL4NX Plus printer, please get in touch with our team today.