Linerless label solutions are becoming an increasingly popular choice for in house label printing and demand is expected to increase significantly over the coming years. Here we will provide an overview of this specific label printing solution. 


What are linerless labels?

Linerless labels differ from the standard labels used in label printers as linerless labels do not have a release liner. Linerless labels have a special silicone release coating on the top layer of the label and a special adhesive on the bottom which enables the labels to peel away easily from the label underneath, similar to how sticky tape works. 


What are the benefits of using linerless labels?

  • Less waste - As linerless labels do not have a backing liner there is less waste produced when compared to standard labels, especially as backing liner is difficult to recycle
  • More labels on a roll - Linerless label rolls can hold up to 50% more labels when compared to their counterparts, this reduces production downtime as less time is wasted changing rolls 
  • No need to the calibrate printer - When using linerless labels you do not need to calibrate the label printer which means labels can be used straight out of the box 
  • Reduced carbon footprint - Less carbon is used in the production and transportation of linerless labels when compared to standard labels 
  • Removes a potential workplace hazard - backing liner is notoriously slippery so linerless labels remove a potential workplace hazard


What is a linerless printer?

Linerless printers feature a special platen roller with a non-stick surface to reduce instances of the label adhesive sticking to the platen roller. When making the switch to linerless labels a suitable linerless printer must be purchased. It’s important to choose linerless labels that are compatible with your specific make and model of printer as mechanical design can vary between printer brands requiring specific formulations in the adhesive and label coating. We advise that you fully test your linerless labels with your printer 

What industries use linerless label printing?

Linerless labeling solutions can offer real practical benefits across many industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical labeling, retail, warehouseousing, logistics and postal services. 


Are you ready to introduce a linerless labelling solution?

It’s important to note that linerless labelling is not as established as traditional thermal printing consequently there is a smaller range of linerless label printer options available. Whilst there is a good selection of mobile linerless label printers, desktop and industrial options are in shorter supply. Similarly the variety of label printing material options are not as widely available.  If you are interested in introducing a linerless label printing solution please get in touch with our friendly team today and we can discuss the options available.