Sato GTe424e

Sato GTe424e

Overview of Sato GTe424e

  • Type : Industrial Label Printer

  • Print Type : Direct thermal or thermal transfer

  • Print Width : 104 mm

  • Print Speed : 300 mm

  • DPI : 600 dpi

This product has been discontinued and replaced with the Sato CL4NX, please see our product listings for further details.

Availability: Discontinued

£ 2,008.80 (excl. VAT) £1,674.00


£ 2,008.80

In Depth: Sato GTe424e

This printer makes the PC obsolete because its intelligence performance facet means you create applications that allow the printer to communicate directly with other devices and not through a PC.

The Sato GTe424e has been designed with ease of use in mind & an intuitive keypad and LCD screen displaying commands mean you and your staff can make light work of learning how to use this printer.

Sato GTe424e Features

  • Interface board (sold separately)
  • Mini-LAN interface slot.
  • External port (supports two pin-types: 9-pin and 14-pin)