The Epson Colorworks C4000 Label Printer Overview

Epson’s latest addition to the Colorworks label printer range is the C4000 that has been available to purchase since 2022. The C4000 has joined the Epson C3500 as a compact desktop printer model. We have received a lot of interest in the C4000 with many people asking how the C4000 and the popular C3500 differ. As the C3500 was introduced over 10 years ago, the C4000 has really advanced upon the C3500 model. Here we will discuss the C4000 main features and also comparisons with the C3500 model.


Like the C3500 the C4000 has been introduced as a compact desktop printer with a small footprint that is suitable for businesses with limited space.  


Print quality 

The C4000 has a really impressive print quality for an entry level colour label printer. Whilst the C3500 has a DPI of 720 x 360dpi, the C4000 has improved on this with a 1200 x 1200dpi and ICC profiling with spot colour management.


Ink capacity 

The C4000 has an ink cartridge capacity of 50ml compared to the 32ml capacity of the C3500. This increased capacity has made the C4000 more suitable for longer print runs and reduces production down time. 


Gloss and matte versions 

The C4000 is available in both a matte and gloss version. The differences between the two versions relates to the black ink. The gloss version is suitable for most customers as it prints well on both gloss and matte materials. Contrastingly the matte version of this printer is suitable for people who are printing on matte materials only and there is a very deep black in their label design.



The C4000 comes as standard with USB and Ethernet connections and has improved connectivity options when compared to the C3500 as Epson has introduced a Wi-Fi dongle add on option that allows you to print from a tablet or iphone that is Apple or Android. 



The C4000 comes with a full colour 2.5 inch LCD screen. This is an advancement on the C3500 interface. All the features and benefits that were on the driver in the C3500 are now available via the C4000 LCD screen.


If you are interested in the Epson C4000 printer, please get in touch with our friendly team who can help confirm if this is the right product for your business.