As thermal printers are often used frequently by businesses it’s really important to properly maintain and care for your printer to help ensure high quality prints, reduction in printer errors and increase the lifespan of your printer and return on investment. We have outlined below some tips to help maintain the proper functioning of your thermal printer.


Regularly clean the printhead

Printheads are the most important element of the printer to maintain as this determines the quality of your print. To help maximize the lifespan of your printhead we recommend cleaning your printhead after every change in thermal ribbon roll or label roll. Your printer user manual should include instructions for properly cleaning the printhead, it is important to use a suitable cleaning solution such as printer cleaning pens and wipes. 


Regularly clean the interior and exterior of your printer 

Debris, dust and residue builds up on the interior and exterior of your printer over time which can affect the functionality of your printer. We recommend that you clean the outside of your printer using a lint free cloth. For the inside of the printer we recommend blowing it with compressed air or use a soft bristle brush. Pay particular attention to the media sensor as if dust and particles build up here this can easily cause printer errors. 


Ensure you are using the correct printer setting 

Incorrect heat, speed and darkness printer settings will reduce the lifespan of a printhead. To ensure the correct settings are used it’s important to refer to your user manual which will recommend settings suitable for the labels and ribbon you are using. 


Ensure you are using the correct thermal ribbon width 

If you are printing using a ribbon you should always use a ribbon that is wider than the width of your label. Using a ribbon narrower than your label increases the risk of wearing out your print head. 


Consider covering your thermal printer with a maintenance contract 

Covering your printer with a maintenance contract helps to keep it in optimum condition as you can have a plan that includes printhead replacement, annual servicing and emergency repairs.