The Zebra GK420 desktop label printer has continuously been a popular choice for businesses due to its high-performance and reliability. Many customers have been using their GK420 printers for over a decade and may be disappointed to hear that this printer model has been discontinued. Customers however shouldn’t be disappointed for long as the replacement printer model, the ZD421, builds upon the legacy of its predecessor with even more capabilities and security features. Here we will explain.


A range of printer model options 

The ZD421 builds upon the same model system as the GK420 as it has both a direct thermal only printer model (ZD421d) and a thermal transfer model (ZD421t). Like the GK420 the ZD421 also has a healthcare model (ZD421-HC) which is designed in a way that it is easy to clean and sanitize in a clinical setting. There are further customisable model options including specifications with a label peeler, cutter and 300dpi resolution. 


Zebra’s Print DNA software suite

The ZD421 has advanced upon the GK420 as it has Zebra’s Print DNA software installed. This software makes it easier to manage each stage of the printer lifecycle including set up and software version updates. The DNA software advances the ZD421 security features as the Printer Security Wizard makes it easy to assess security risks whilst the PrintSecure tool makes it easy to implement new security measures.


Field upgrade options

For the GK420 if you required a new upgrade to keep up with your business requirements such as adding Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections you would have to send your printer off to a service centre to be upgraded contrastingly with the new ZD421 you are able to easily install wireless connections, peeler and cutter options in the field. 


New advanced features 

When compared to the GK420 the ZD421 offers advanced features that improves usability which includes a more intuitive LED icon interface and a moveable media sensor to support a wider variety of media. The ZD421 also offers extended memory for company logo and file format storage. 


Print Speed 

When compared to the GK420 the ZD421 offers a faster printer speed which means print jobs will be processed faster. The ZD421 can print up 6 inches per second when printing 203dpi contrastingly the GK420 has a maximum print speed of 5 inches per second when printing 203dpi.