Zebra have recently replaced the ZT230 with the ZT231, this new model maintains the elements customers loved most about the ZT230 but has gained new and upgraded features and superior performance. The ZT231 like its predecessor remains an afforfable printer with impressive features surprising for the low price point. We have outlined some key comparisons between the two printer models below. 



The manufacturing design of the ZT231 remains very similar to the ZT230. Both printers have a similar small footprint which is ideal when customers need a mid-range printer but in a limited space. 


Labels & Media

Both the ZT231 and the ZT230 take the same media type which is ideal if you replace your ZT230 as you can continue to use the same labels and thermal ribbon. The label print that is produced by the ZT230 is matched by the ZT231, you won’t notice a difference between labels printed on both machines. 



The ZT231 has an upgraded display screen when compared to the ZT230. The ZT231 comes with a full colour touch 4.3’’ display screen . This feature really improves the usability of the printer as it makes configuration and troubleshooting a lot easier. 


Print Speed

The ZT231 has a much improved print speed when compared to the ZT230. The ZT231 prints at 12 inches per second at 203dpi and 8 inches per second at 300dpi, which is double what ZT230 was capable of. This speed improvement has made the ZT231 a much more productive label printer. 


Connectivity options 

The ZT231 has improved connectivity options when compared to its predecessor. Etherent, USB Host and Bluetooth flow energy are all standard with the ZT231. Ethernet was only an option on the ZT230 and USB host and bluetooth flow energy were not even available. The USB Host option enables the printer to be used as a stand alone application with a USB enabled keyboard or scanner. There are also options available for this printer with WiFi. 


RFID option 

The ZT231 has optional UHF RFID print and encode capabilities which was not an option with the ZT230. As RFID technology is becoming increasing used across a range of industries this is  a really valuable feature as businesses look to move from traditional barcodes to RFID labelling solutions. 


If you are interested in migrating from an old ZT230 to a ZT231 please get in touch with our friendly team today for more information.