Choosing suitable labels for your inkjet colour label printer - What to consider

You’ve finally found the right inkjet label printer for your business and now it’s time to choose suitable labels to get you started with on-demand label printing. With the huge variety of inkjet labels available it’s important to choose labels that are fit for purpose and are compatible with your printer. We have outlined some factors to consider to aid you in this process. 


Label Material 


Label material plays a critical role in ensuring the label is suitable for your specific business labeling application. Inkjet labels are available in paper and synthetic material options. If your label requirements include being highly durable and resistant to harsh environmental conditions e.g chemical labels, a synthetic material is essential. Synthetic inkjet material options include PP, PE and BOPP. If you do not require labels with a high level of durability e.g box labels for consumer products, paper labels are more suitable. Label material and material finish also plays a key role in reflecting your brand image to customers. Label inkjet material options include but is not limited to white, clear and craft materials and finish options include matte, gloss and semi-gloss. Systems Print Media can supply inkjet labels in a wide variety of materials suitable for your specific industry requirements. 


Label Adhesive 


It’s important to choose a label that will effectively adhere to the item it is attached to. The majority of stock labels on our website are made from a standard permanent adhesive. This adhesive is suitable for many business requirements however some label applications require more specialized adhesive options. A freeze permanent label adhesive is required when labels are stored in very cold temperature conditions, this is useful in industries such as food & beverage and healthcare. Another specialized label adhesive is a removable adhesive. This makes the label easily and quickly removable leaving no residue behind on the item it was attached to. This is useful for industries such as retail and food & beverage where labels are only intended to be used for a short period of time. An extra permanent adhesive provides a strong adhesion to the item a label is attached to. This specialised adhesive is suitable when a label is intended to last for a very long duration and may be exposed to harsh environmental conditions. This type of adhesive is often useful for industries including energy, chemical & construction. 


Label Size 


Choosing the correct label size sounds like an obvious consideration however we have noted this factor as it is important to be aware that inkjet label printers have minimum and maximum label width sizes which may restrict your label size options. The label size you choose must be compatible with your inkjet label printer, this information is often readily available in your specific label printer model brochure. Another reason we have noted label size as a consideration is whilst there are stock label sizes available on our website, Systems Print Media are able to supply inkjet labels in custom label sizes and shapes to suit your specific application requirements. If you are unable to find a suitable stock label size on our label page, please get in touch with the team for a custom label quotation. 


Core Size 

The majority of inkjet labels on our site are supplied in a roll format however it is important to note that not all inkjet printers support the same roll core size (Core size refers to the diameter of the inner core of a roll of label). The information regarding what core size your inkjet label printer supports will be in your printer model brochure. 


Whether you’re printing food labels, pharmaceutical labels or warehouse labels, labels perform a critical business function so choosing a suitable label specification is essential. The labels sold on the Systems Print Media website are stock labels and may not be suitable for your specific requirements. Systems Print Media supply custom labels in specific sizes, shapes, materials and adhesives. Please get in touch with our expert team if you have any questions or would like to receive a quotation for a custom label.