Reasons to consider covering your label printer with a maintenance contract

Label printers play a critical role in many businesses so when they experience technical issues they can grind operations to a halt. To ensure your business continues to run smoothly in the event of label printer issues we recommend that operationally critical label printers are covered by a maintenance contract. We will outline some of the main benefits maintenance contacts offer.

Reduce overall cost of ownership 

Like any technological device labels printers over their lifespan can experience issues and break down which requires technical support, A maintenance contract can reduce the total cost of printer ownership as printer repairs and engineer call outs are expensive when they are not covered by a maintenance contract. Contrastingly the cost of a maintenance contract is a cost effective option to cover yourself for these services and not be surprised by any unexpected repair costs. 

Free up internal staff resource 

When businesses do not have a maintenance contract covering their label printer it is often left to front line staff to resolve technical label printer issues which takes up valuable staff resources and time. When a label printer is covered by a maintenance contract technical support is outsourced to fully qualified engineers which enables your staff to focus their time on revenue generating activities. 

Minimize production downtime

When a label printer is experiencing technical issues it can completely stop business operations which costs both valuable time and money. When these printer issues occur businesses require the problem to be resolved ASAP to get operations back up and running however when a label printer is not covered by a maintenance contract the lead times to get engineer support can be lengthy as customers with maintenance contracts are prioritized. Having a maintenance contract results in receiving technical support quickly and minimizes production downtown.  

Extending the lifespan of a label printer 

Label printers can be an expensive investment and extending the lifespan of the printer increases the ROI you get from it. Without a maintenance contract the price of repairs or an engineer visit may be too high to warrant the spend and it may be more cost effective to purchase a brand new printer. Contrastingly when a label printer is covered by a maintenance contract your label printer can still be serviced in a cost effective way, extending its life span and ROI. 

If you are interested in taking out a maintenance contract for your label printer, please get in touch with our friendly team today or take a look at some of the printer maintenance options we offer.